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Need to go down to the shops to get my holiday money changed but I’m too lazy to get dressed ahaha :(

I just found the prettiest moth in the garden so I went to pick it up thinking it’d fly away and it didn’t because half it’s wings are all broken up so I’ve just been sat stroking him but he’s probably going to die because he can’t fly anymore :(

neeens: OMG Paige have you finally figured out how BEAUTIFUL YOU AREEEEE IM DYINNNNN UGHJhgsjshshhs

tomorrow night at 6? xxxxx

neeens: MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA PAIGE YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL HOW MANY TIMES DO ANONS NEED TO TELL YOU THIS BEFORE YOU SEE YOUR REALLLL BEAUTYYY???? Oh Paige Paige Youre a fuckin cunt. Go eat some of that makeup off your face, let's all pray that some of its poisonous 🙏🙏

this is cute I think we should date xxxx 

keepersoftheshire: You're so beautiful Paige ughhhh xo

thank you so much gorgeous ahh :*** xo 

Anonymous: bet you have a hot mid sex face

I’ve only caught it in a mirror a couple of times as I dont actually have sex with myself so I couldn’t give judgement ahahah 

neeens: Hahahahahahhahahahah. Are you tired from all that makeup application and pouting? Aw boo princess.

ah I see, an internet troll looking for some ‘banter’

much wit, such funny..


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