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Anonymous: Your bum is so nice I'm so jealous wow! What do you do to get it like that?!

Thank you doll! Honestly I don’t do anything aha :’)





Makeup for a really long time now has been something I use to hide because it makes me feel happier, and I know that if I actually want to pursue any kind of modelling I can’t be covered in the shit all the time, so from today onwards I’m going to try and make more of an effort to stop relying on the stuff so much. Baby steps obviously; but in this photo I only have 4 different types of makeup on compared to the 15+ I would usually use. I hope I actually stick to this I can become more confident without the stuff, will save me a lot of money as well haha!! :)

gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxx

So much love for you Cara!!! xxxxxxxxx

you are literally flawless

Pffft speak for yourself Jodie!!



Shake dat ass 4 me..

Holy. Shit.


Nobody finished the song lyric which is disappointing haha ;(((

black leotard bitches ✌✌✌✌✌✌



I’m so lucky to have Paige I’ve honestly been so fotunate to meet her and I don’t feel like I’ll ever be down. Thankyou.

I adore you, my absolute favourite.
I’m the lucky one

Anonymous: you're awesome! we all have emotional days. *hugs and cuddles and hair twirls*

Awawaw how sweet!! Thank you darling :)

So annoyed at myself for crying in a restaurant. I’m an emotional reck. I just want to lie down and have my hair played with

Anonymous: I like so much because of your charisma and kindness and you are such a sweet soul and perfect looking, so pretty ✴😱✴❤

Nawwww you cutie!!! Thank you muchly dear xx

Yah can I get one in my house ???

My edit
Currently making us matching ones in pretty colours okay xxxxxxxxx

When it’s my time of the month and I’m hormonal and literally want to kill anyone who disagrees with me or says something that gets to me, I feel like I should get to wear a lil badge or something warning people that if I bite their head off, I really don’t mean to and to have a nice day!! It would save me a lot of tears and explaining I think ahaha