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My friend has a pet fox

themannwho: That's class love ginger hair :) my mum is ginger it's ace mine is dark brown tho but goes lighter in summer. I don't have any ginger tho my bro has proper ginger beard :)


I honestly think it’s such a hot hair colour my hair used to be red when I was younger so I wasn’t very hot then but I’m ready to be hot n stuff now with my ginger locks

chaosandturmoil: wow paige. your last selfie you posted made me think you have never looked so pretty as in this one.

Naw thank you :’) I can’t say I agree I think I look a tad gormless hahaha :(

It’s official, I’m going ginger next month because I have the money to go to the hairdressers and get it done properly m and I’m super duper excited 😁

xradiate-good-vibesx: You're so so so so so so so so so so so gorgeous. x

How very sweet. Thank you sososo much doll!!! Xo


Basement // Fowlers, Adelaide

Applying for my student Oyster card with a selfie #risktaker

Anonymous: Why do you never smile with your teeth?

Because I can’t

Like my mouth literally doesn’t work that way because of my overbite :(

basic-bitchesx: You're perfect will forever be jealous xx

Aw why thank you miss, but you’re gorgeous yourself!! Xx