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Note to self.


If you can put up with my general crap follow me woooOO

Anonymous: Are you exercise? Because you take my breath away and make me sweaty


galacticslut: you have the most amazing waistline i have ever seen oh my gosh you beauty

Oh wow I’m so flattered. Thank you so much!!!


I think I found Fantastic Mr

arisentic: You are so Pretty, and your dita von teese body is perfection so congrats on that :)

Ooo wow thank you so much!!

keithpaul292: Be my tumblr valentine? Love ya gorgeous!

I think I’ll have to pass..

crxscent: In shock at what that child said to you, no one should be told to change the way they look regardless of their body. Anyways any little girl with a self diagnosed personality disorder and 'likes serial killers' opinion should be pretty invalid anyways haha

Yesyesyes. Everything you have just said is bang on. I completely agree!

middle-children-of-history: did you change your url within the last few weeks? I swear I don't remember following you but your blog is great so I must have

Nope it’s been this for over a year now haha!

chaosandturmoil: no one who doesn't know you or your health status has the right to tell you to eat. they're cunts.

I really like u